Sessions with Sara

Let me help you to fully reconnect back to yourself so that you can combat the fear and overwhelm motherhood can bring and establish deeper bonds with your children.


1:1 single sessions
with Sara

to help you with mindset, pre/postnatal depression, anxiety, overwhelm, birth trauma release, connection to your bubs in utero and more.


1:1 Reconnection

This is one-on-one intensive personalised coaching from Sara where you will take a deep dive look into the areas of your life that you are struggling with, reconnect back to yourself and heal from your postnatal depression/anxiety/trauma and much more.



to help with weight loss, removal of anxiety, quit smoking and more. Getting help to manage all of these will contribute to your health and therefor your child’s health.

Since giving birth to my son I have realised that there is a great need for Mama’s to get support during their pregnancy as well as after their little bubs is born.

Sara Davy